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VIP Package

Premium Bonuses Include...

Three chances to win The Thriving Teacher 6 week program for FREE

Charle Peck

We will do three FREE giveaways (one per day) in our FB group for The Thriving Teacher 6 week program.

Regular Price: $1,440

1-Year Free on StarrPass

Starr Commonwealth

Starr Commonwealth’s trauma-informed video library

Regular Price: $60

Triple bonuses to have a Double Win in YOUR Career and Life

Sabrina Runbeck

VIP Bonus #1

  •  A FREE 100 Question Whole Life Diagnostic to find the #1 hidden roadblock that is preventing YOU from winning in work and life
  • Once you know which hidden roadblock is preventing you from achieving success, you’ll be able to make changes that move your career forward immediately!

VIP Bonus #2

  • A FREE 60 Minute Mastermind Class to discover your blueprint to becoming a high performer in your career and life so you can have a Double Win!
  • This is the most valuable bonus we offer. Give me 60 minutes, and I’ll give you the blueprint that will change how you work so you get the results you deserve. 

VIP Bonus #3

  • A FREE Burnout Bulletproof Alignment Worksheet to help you boost productivity and easily say NO to the things that are robbing you of time, which is the most valuable resource you have.
  • This bonus will help you reclaim your energy, so you have more to spend on the things that really matter.

Regular Price: $597

18 Ways to Motivate Your High School Students

Charle  Peck

Teaching can get overwhelming; remember the small stuff for a better experience. Here is a quick download that can be posted right in your classroom, in your desk on tucked in your binder for 18 quick and easy ways to engage your teen students. Charle considers the whole teen learner using tried and true classroom practices that work, yet are so simple to implement.

Regular Price: $15

Connecting With Teen Masterclass

Tahira Bell

In this masterclass, you will deepen your understanding of what teenagers really need in order to succeed in school. You will learn what you can do to help them thrive and maximize their potential while feeling supported by you as a caring adult.

Regular Price: $97

Full Mental Jacket E-Book

Tasha Lawton

An E-Book giving self help and innovative ideas on building resilience, mental health and leadership as well as developing teams and students in classrooms.

Regular Price: $15

Ignite EdTech Learning Discount

Craig Kemp

Ignite EdTech is the premium place for all EdTech learning with free and paid courses for everyone. Choose any course and mention this summit and receive 20% off any paid courses.

Visit and find targeted courses to suit your needs.

Regular Price: $40

Period Talk

Tasha Lawton

Period Talk for Teachers – 12 mths access

Periods shouldn’t be shameful or taboo. In fact, if they didn’t exist, neither would we. Use this program to normalise the conversation around menstruation and open your kids’ minds to the power of the menstrual cycle.

You’ll receive an easy to follow, grab and go, classroom ready comprehensive Health program. The supporting material has been written by HPE Teachers, and each program includes all the material you need to deliver well thought out and effective lessons. Including detailed teachers resources, lesson plans, activities and supporting animations and videos presented by kids, for kids.

It covers:

  • The truth about the menstruation cycle
  • Environmental issues
  • Cultures and Traditions
  • Physical and Emotional impact
  • Nutrition and Exercise Sanitary products

Regular Price: $550

CLEVER Learning VIP Bundle

Dr. Estie Alessandrini

Ready to boost learner success using advanced learning strategies? Grab the CLEVER Learning VIP Bundle and get instant access to the

  • CLEVER Learning Club, one month free membership and password to the CLEVER Learning Vault ($12 monthly)
  • 90-minute CLEVER Learning Workshop including a live event, question forum and implementation blueprint (normally $149)
  • CLEVER Learning Assessment Toolkit to instantly boost cognitive and metacognitive skills in the classroom ($7)

Regular Price: $168

10 Steps to Taming Teen Anxiety in the Classroom

Charle  Peck

This is a QUICK reference to guide you through helping your teen student cope with an anxious situation. Print this and keep it close by as a reminder of the 10 essential steps in taming teen anxiety.

*This does NOT replace a therapeutic approach to managing teen anxiety. Be sure to seek professional advice and follow your school protocol if there is a pressing mental health concern with your student(s).

Regular Price: $10

ONE free session from The Thriving Teacher 6 Week Program

Charle Peck

Since you opted to become a VIP pass holder, you get to choose any ONE of 6 sessions from The Thriving Teacher 6 week program for absolutely FREE!

Regular Price: $240

Guide to Engaging Students In Hybrid/Remote Learning Using an Equity Lens

Janet Ferone

With a year like no other, teachers are struggling to keep students engaged during online learning, or in-person with social distance constraints. This guide provides strategies for student engagement using culturally responsible practices to address the ongoing inequities among student groups that have been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Regular Price: $37

Social Impact Project Planning Guide for Students

Amanda Kramer

A comprehensive project-planning guide made for students that walks them step-by-step from start to finish in planning, executing, and reflecting about their social impact project.  Students are guided through the A.C.T.I.O.N. method where they choose a UN Global Goal they care about and make a measurable impact for a better, more sustainable future!

Regular Price: $10

Future Driven E-Book

David Geurin

With your VIP Pass, I’ll send you a FREE Kindle Edition (E-book) of Future Driven: Will Your Students Thrive In an Unpredictable World? You’ll discover strategies to help students learn transferable skills. And you’ll find ways to inspire creative, adaptable learning. Ultimately, you’ll invest in tomorrow by helping your students become world changers today.

Regular Price: $7.99

A Therapist’s Inside Guide On Relationships – Book Download

Roxanne Derhodge

Heal the Past and build the Future… with this open and insightful look at what it takes to build strong relationships.
A ground breaking book designed to guide you through a deep personal exploration of your life’s relationships.

This book covers key elements that are essential to this process.

Regular Price: $20

Resources for your neurotransmitters

Ali Jaffer

3 blended learning resources to ‘prime’ the mind ready for any activity using creative imagination. 
This can be used before engaging with the Brain Dip revision technique or to demonstrate the role of neurotransmitters and emotions through activity. 
Resources are available as a PowerPoint and Google Jam board format for blended learning.

Regular Price: $35

1) LOVE Strategy for ALL 2) “Connections” One pager

Laura Rizo

VIP Bonus #1

LOVE strategy for ALL

This video includes a fun strategy as an icebreaker for students, staff, and faculty! The strategy can be used virtual OR face-to-face!

VIP Bonus #2


The one pager includes a list of ways you can connect with your students! Best of all, you can use these with your own kids at home!

(These two strategies are included in my one-hour professional development and Parent Sessions. You get them here for FREE!)

PLUS, VIP Bonus #3

You get ONE free 30 minute virtual PD session for you teachers on Be LOVE! Your teachers will be re-energized to continue pouring LOVE into the students!

Regular price $1000

Just Move Infographic

Yvette Larsson

30% Discount Code off of 12 Characteristics of Deliberate Homework book

Erik Youngman

30% Discount Code off of 12 Characteristics of Deliberate Homework book + handout

Regular Price: $30

FREE One Year Upgrade to ClasStars Gold + Access to the ClasStars Teacher Challenge

Moshe Fried

“ClasStars is an innovative solution that helps teachers ensure equity in the classroom, and that every student is seen and heard every day. ClasStars makes it super simple for teachers to keep track of important student interaction and behavior. The dashboards and charts provide unprecedented insight into student learning and behavior patters.

The ClasStars Teacher Challenge is a day video challenge that walks teachers through the researched-based philosophy that is at the heart of the ClasStars app.”

Regular Price: $59.99

Memory Training with the World Champion – Coupon

Dr. Boris Konrad

Get a stunning 40% discount on the complete online course “Superbrain! Memory Training with a World Champion” by neuroscientist, bestselling author and 8x World Memory Team Champion Boris Nikolai Konrad.

Regular Price: $100

Cope Notes: Daily Mental Health Support

Charle Peck

Get 10% off any Cope Notes personal or gift subscription using the promo code EVS!

Plain Sailing Motivation

Sarah Stones

Neuroscience & Creativity

Lourenço Dias Amador

This is a presentation which explores the neuroscience of creativity, and then discusses research insights on how to develop and promote it, how these can be applied, and some exercises that have been proven to stimulate creativity!

Regular Price: $77

10 Ways to Empower + Model Learning With a Growth Mindset

Erik Youngman

This is a downloadable PDF for a quick reference to 10 ways to empower nd model learning with a growth mindset while you engage your teen students.

Regular Price: $10

30% discount off book “12 Characteristics of Deliberate Homework”+ downloadable PDF

Erik Youngman

30% Discount Code off of 12 Characteristics of Deliberate Homework book + downloadable PDF for 12 Ways to Empower and Model a Growth Mindset

Regular Price: $20

Self-Assessment Surveys and Anticipated Responses to Negative Behaviors

Dr. Don Parker

The VIP will receive 3 self assessment surveys. Each survey will elicit responses from educators and help them become aware of their strengths and needs for improvement in the respective area. The three surveys will be:

  • Developing a Relationship Building Mindset
  • Finding Solutions to Frustrating Problems in the Classroom
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching Survey
  • Empathy Survey
  • Effective Listening Skills Checklist

These items are regularly priced at $15 each and total value of $75

The most fun and engaging way of teaching and learning: eLIVE

Joy Marchese

Make teaching and learning fun again and bring your classes to life!

eLIVE is a 3 session, interactive video-based training program which combines teaching best practices, neuroscience, and psychology which research shows will invite cooperation, build strong relationships and allow your students to not only engage in the content but to retain it. The results are connected, engaged, and motivated students.

Unlike other online courses, eLIVE has engaging videos made with real people, so you can see our tools in action (no actors, no power point, no judgment). All videos are under 40 mins (because we are all busy people) and you can access them at your convenience. It’s self-paced, video-based, entertaining and highly educational.

– Three 40-minute videos sessions (pre-recorded with live participants)
– Lesson summaries, activity sheets, & resources
– Three 20-minute bonus sessions with experts (pre-recorded)
– Exclusive course discounts

£27 for VIPs only! $1185

Teen Behavior Masterclass

Dr. Cam Caswell

In her fun, engaging style, Dr. Cam provides an in-depth look at teen behavior and the four key reasons that teens melt down, blow up, act out, and withdraw in. Once we understand why teens behave the way they do, it becomes clear why the conventional methods we use to motivate and discipline teens often backfire. Dr. Cam offers simple, science-based strategies that, when applied correctly and consistently, will reduce conflict between parents and teens significantly.
This course was created for parents with teenagers, however educators will find it equally enlightening and valuable.

Regular Price: $497

Personal Development Online Course

Eden Gold

This is one of 7 courses in my online program “”Life After High School.”” This program is dedicated to helping teens and young adults navigate their early 20’s and get them set up for success with the following topics: Personal development, professional development, mental health, physical health, relationships, creativity, disability resources, and cultural inclusion and resources.

The personal development course is dedicated to helping students set the foundation moving forward after High School. Diving into mindset, morning routines and discovering your passions/purpose, this course is nothing less than fun, creative and powerful.

Regular Price: $497

That’s over $5,000 in bonuses!

Spotlight Speakers + Live Panels

As if those incredible bonuses weren’t enough, the VIP Pass will also get you access to 9 Spotlight Speakers plus 3 LIVE panels with our powerhouse speakers.

Understanding the Whole Teen Learner

Get a glimpse into the developing teen brain and mental health that affects cognition, memory acquisition, focus and engagement.

Speakers include 

Student Engagement Strategies

Tips, tricks, tools and discussion around what works to engage teen students in and out of the typical classroom setting.

Speakers include 

Youth Reps - Visionaries With a Student Voice

Our youth tell us what they need to be better engaged in the 21st century classroom.

Speakers include 

The value of the VIP Pass is crazy – over $5000 worth of content to engage your anxious, overwhelmed and unmotivated teen students!

But you can get it all for just $97 until April 13!

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